Who is Gulnara?


Gulnara Akbarova is a  psychologist and a relationship specialist.

She is a strategic leader and holding a senior positions in international companies for more than 10 years.

While being a highly educated professional, Gulnara is conducting business and coaching trainings for companies and  individual  coaching/counselling  sessions for senior management. Her speciality is productive and effective life balance and self-actualisation through development .

Not to mention that, Gulnara actively participates and supports social responsibility movements and provides educational lectures for organizations.

Furthermore, as a professional psychologist, Gulnara cooperates with international schools, where she conducts trainings on children’s development, social interactions and wellbeing. She is  also teaching  Cambridge International A level Psychology course.

All things considered, Gulnara is a marketing and sales specialist with deep knowledge of revenue optimisation.

Nota Bene* Gulnara is keen on modern art, photography and traveling. Also, she is a mother of two humans, and two cats.